CLIFF, SUPERFAN! is on PAC-12 Networks beginning April 4!
Check with your carriers for the channel in your area!
Pac-12 Network Airings
4/4 – 8:30pm PT
4/4 – 12:30am PT
4/10 – 5:30pm PT
4/17 – 8:00pm PT
4/18 – 5:00pm PT
4/19 – 1:30pm PT
Pac-12 Bay Area Airings
Tues (4/4) 8:30pm – following live BSB: California at Stanford
Thurs (4/6) 9pm – following live BSB: Stanford at USC
Sat (4/8) 6:30pm – following live WWP: Stanford at USC
Sat (4/8) 10:30pm – following MSOC Stanford National Champ win (fixed time)
Sat (4/8) 10pm – following MSOC Stanford National Champ win (fixed time)
Tue (4/11) 5:30pm – following live BVB: California at Stanford
Thurs (4/13) 9pm – following live BSB: UCLA at Stanford
Sat (4/15) 3pm – following live Spring Football: Stanford
Mon (4/17) 8pm – following live WLAX: Stanford at California
Tues (4/18) 5pm – preceding BSB: California at Stanford (fixed time)
Sat (4/22) 6pm – following live MTEN: Stanford at California
Fri (5/12) – 7pm – following live SB: Oregon at Stanford
Sat (5/13) – 11:30am – preceding live SB: Oregon at Stanford (fixed time)
Sat (5/13) – 7pm – following live BSB: Stanford at California
Sun (5/14) – 11:30am – preceding live BSB: Stanford at California (fixed time)
Mon (5/15) – 5:30pm – preceding live BDB: Stanford at California (fixed time)
Thurs (5/25) – 9pm – following live BSB: Stanford at WSU

Join us at the Big Muddy Film Festival and CAAMFest 2017!

We are thrilled to have been accepted to both the Big Muddy Film Festival and CAAMFest 2017!

Cliff, Superfan! will screen at the Big Muddy Film Festival at Southern Illinois University Carbondale on Friday, February 24 at 6pm (tentative). Stay tuned for more info here.

Cliff, Superfan! will then be making its official California premiere at CAAMFest 2017 on Saturday, March 18 at 3:10pm as part of the “Center Stage Shorts” program. The screening will be held at the New Parkway Theater, 474 24th Street, Oakland, CA 94612. More info and tickets here.

Hope to see you there!

Join us for a special screening in Lake Forest on December 26!

If you are in town, please join us for a special holiday screening of “Cliff, Superfan!” in Lake Forest on December 26.

We will be screening the film at 4:30pm at CROYA, 400 Hastings Road, Lake Forest.  Click on the link below for all the details and to RSVP!

Hope to see you there!




Cliff and his family see the film for the first time!

Over 100 fans and supporters of CLIFF, SUPERFAN!  attended a special screening in San Francisco on a cool night in November 30.

Held at the beautiful We Work venue in SF, guests watched the film while enjoying popcorn, pizza and drinks.  It was great to have Cliff and his family there- and to have Cliff be a part of the Q&A following the screening (there were a lot of tears!)!  Thanks to Ali Riley for moderating;  Sarah, Rachel and Kasey Quon for organizing and promoting;  Patty McShane for baking some yummy goodies;  for all the folks who helped set-up and tear down; and of course, the wonderful folks who came out to support Cliff and the film!


Great reviews and highly commended in London!

We were thrilled to be accepted to the Women Over 50 Film Festival in London!

The judges highly commended Cliff Superfan!  and passed on these wonderful comments:  

“This does what a good observational documentary should – makes the ordinary extraordinary.”

“With an off-the-wall, indie feel, this is enjoyable, original and thought-provoking.”

Thank you to Nuala and her wonderful team at WOFFF!

It’s 98% done! Next steps…

Hello generous, awesome CLIFF supporters!

I am so sorry for the delay in getting this update out to you- thank you so much for everyone’s patience. I have come to realize making a documentary is like remodeling a house—everything takes a lot longer than you think! So…after weeks of saying the film was two weeks from completion, we are finally there (well…almost…still a few minor tweaks :)!

Starting today I will begin to enter “Cliff, Superfan” into some targeted film fests. My hope is to get it before some audiences especially in the California area and here in Chicago. Due to NCAA rules, the film can’t show until late fall, so I’m shooting for fests that will run at that time or after. Meanwhile, I am also looking into the best ways to share the film with you all so that you can watch as soon as the film makes its first fest appearance.

I am so excited that Cliff will be visiting Chicago next week for a book fair. It will be great to see him, plus he will be able to autograph some of the last “perks” that I owe to supporters. Speaking of perks, thanks to those who sent me pics of them wearing another perk- the “Cliff, Superfan” tee!   From the east coast to the west- you all are looking good and some extra exposure never hurt 🙂 !!

Ben on the east coast!
Ben on the east coast!


Nick and Divya's son in the Midwest!
Nick and Divya’s son in the Midwest!


Taylor and fam on the west coast!
Taylor and fam on the west coast!

Making this short doc would NEVER have been possible without your support (both emotional and financial!). I know my son, Chris, is smiling…he taught me what it means to not be afraid to take risks and to follow your passion. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!!!

xoxo,    Diane

Nearing the Finish Line…

katerinaWe are at picture lock!  Now that we have every cut in place, we are composing each and every music cue as we speak.  Once our wonderful editor, Katerina Simic (that’s Katerina to the left!) lays in the music, we will be ready for the finishing touches: sound mix, color correction, graphics etc.  My goal is to be finished by late June/early July – you all will be the first to know!


enochI thought this would be a good time to also introduce our music compose Enoch Kim. Enoch is a talented young musician and a composer who loves telling stories through music. Now living in Chicago, he’s originally from Guam and has been great to work with and here’s a pic of Enoch

Meanwhile, I have applied to some more grants to help coveryip haburg banner the post-production costs – and am crossing my fingers!  I’m thrilled to say we already received a grant to help cover the costs of composing the music from the Yip Harburg
Foundation.  The late Mr. Harburg was a composer/lyricist and wrote the lyrics to one of my all-time favorite songs – “Somewhere Over the Rainbow!”

I hope to give more updates now that we are near the finish line.   THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to all my Kickstarter and IDA supporters, my patient family, and CLIFF-  for all your support – I could NOT have made this film without you!

– Diane

Wow! Wow!

As Cliff would say when he finds an archival document waiting for him in his P.O. Box or when he sees a crafty player scoring a goal….WOW!…WOW!

THANK YOU everyone for helping me surpass my goal of $8000 –and we were just dollars away from reaching my second stretch goal of $20K!   I know I have said this often, but I am truly overwhelmed by everyone’s generosity and support. Whether it was by donating or sharing the link, I could not have reached my goal without you!

Two weeks ago I spent another 5 days with Cliff shooting some more footage. (He sure is hard to keep up with!)  I continue to learn more about him and I look forward to sharing his story with you all.   Here’s a picture of Cliff signing one of the Kickstarter  “rewards”- a ball autographed by many different Stanford soccer players.

 702bd2bd2789264707e5a34d56cc63fd_originalCliff told me he has designed a new autograph. He’s now signing his last name in Japanese.   “Hayashi” means “trees” in Japanese…and wouldn’t you know it? Stanford’s band mascot is the tree!

Anyways… I digress!!!   THANKS again to all from the bottom of my heart!