Join us for a special screening in Lake Forest on December 26!

If you are in town, please join us for a special holiday screening of “Cliff, Superfan!” in Lake Forest on December 26.

We will be screening the film at 4:30pm at CROYA, 400 Hastings Road, Lake Forest.  Click on the link below for all the details and to RSVP!

Hope to see you there!



It’s 98% done! Next steps…

Hello generous, awesome CLIFF supporters!

I am so sorry for the delay in getting this update out to you- thank you so much for everyone’s patience. I have come to realize making a documentary is like remodeling a house—everything takes a lot longer than you think! So…after weeks of saying the film was two weeks from completion, we are finally there (well…almost…still a few minor tweaks :)!

Starting today I will begin to enter “Cliff, Superfan” into some targeted film fests. My hope is to get it before some audiences especially in the California area and here in Chicago. Due to NCAA rules, the film can’t show until late fall, so I’m shooting for fests that will run at that time or after. Meanwhile, I am also looking into the best ways to share the film with you all so that you can watch as soon as the film makes its first fest appearance.

I am so excited that Cliff will be visiting Chicago next week for a book fair. It will be great to see him, plus he will be able to autograph some of the last “perks” that I owe to supporters. Speaking of perks, thanks to those who sent me pics of them wearing another perk- the “Cliff, Superfan” tee!   From the east coast to the west- you all are looking good and some extra exposure never hurt 🙂 !!

Ben on the east coast!
Ben on the east coast!


Nick and Divya's son in the Midwest!
Nick and Divya’s son in the Midwest!


Taylor and fam on the west coast!
Taylor and fam on the west coast!

Making this short doc would NEVER have been possible without your support (both emotional and financial!). I know my son, Chris, is smiling…he taught me what it means to not be afraid to take risks and to follow your passion. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!!!

xoxo,    Diane