Wow! Wow!

As Cliff would say when he finds an archival document waiting for him in his P.O. Box or when he sees a crafty player scoring a goal….WOW!…WOW!

THANK YOU everyone for helping me surpass my goal of $8000 –and we were just dollars away from reaching my second stretch goal of $20K!   I know I have said this often, but I am truly overwhelmed by everyone’s generosity and support. Whether it was by donating or sharing the link, I could not have reached my goal without you!

Two weeks ago I spent another 5 days with Cliff shooting some more footage. (He sure is hard to keep up with!)  I continue to learn more about him and I look forward to sharing his story with you all.   Here’s a picture of Cliff signing one of the Kickstarter  “rewards”- a ball autographed by many different Stanford soccer players.

 702bd2bd2789264707e5a34d56cc63fd_originalCliff told me he has designed a new autograph. He’s now signing his last name in Japanese.   “Hayashi” means “trees” in Japanese…and wouldn’t you know it? Stanford’s band mascot is the tree!

Anyways… I digress!!!   THANKS again to all from the bottom of my heart!



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